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Biography of Grace Franklin-Manassa Artist

Grace doesn’t remember when she learned to sketch, it seems she liked to draw animals and anything else she saw even before learning to write. At about five she remembers getting a sketchpad and
pencils for Christmas. It was the best thing she could have received. She had lapses of not sketching during high school.
Other interests took her in different directions, but she always came back to art. Her talent was recognized early in grammar school as she was always asked to decorate the classroom at holiday seasons. Grace painted drawings and paintings on the black board with colored chalk. Her formal training was two semesters of college, which inspired her to paint people. She had models to work with and nothing was the same
afterward. Even though she can paint landscapes or anything else she can see, she is happiest painting portraits.

Grace has studied water color painting with several locally known teachers in the North Florida area, and has entered a few shows and
won awards. She has also had solo shows and her art work hangs in private collections from Miami to New Orleans. It also includes portraits of TV celebrities and Senators, some of which have hung in the Capital buildings. One commissioned portrait that still hangs in the Ruby Diamond Social Hall of Temple Israel was to commemorate the retirement of the Rabbi Emeritus.

Grace re-married about five years ago and is now Grace Franklin-Manassa. She stillpaints under the name of Grace Franklin, because she has signed her art by that name for years and she is well known for her artwork. She has time to do only commissions now, since her re-marriage. She and her husband travel a great deal. They also are ballroom dancers and have a very active social life.