> 2010-11 - Cambodian & Thai Art

Cambodia and Thailand have so much to offer in their architectural forms and shapes of ordinary working buildings to important temples that are graceful, colorful and artistic in ways that both pleases and puzzles the observer. .

Khmer Classical Dancer
Khmer Classical Dancer
Mobile Merchants heading for open market
Artistic Representations of Man or Gods?
Cambodian Wat
Tonle Sap Floating Village
Sandstone intricate carvings
Ta Phrom Temple walls straddled by massive trees
Bayon Temple hidden Carvings Cambodian Wat
Khmer Classical Dance
Cambodian War Orphan's Shadow Puppet Theatre
Khmer Rouge War Museum
Black and Gold Buddhas
Reclining Buddha
Temple with bird Chofahs
Colorful Floating Market
Teak Wood carvings
River Kwai
Standng Buddha
Sukhothai Buddha before an ancient Stupa
Sukhothai Ancient Siam Capital
Akha Tribe Woman stands before her village
David's Elementary School Guides
Music Sr Khmer
Decorative Birds
Myanmar Stupa
Area Map
White Temple
Myanmar Buddha
Joe Liew "Louis" Bangkok Puppet Theatre
Executive Report
Great Attendance
Lee presents Our Art by the Sea Mug to David
Lee Tatem Introduces the S E Asia Art Photography Program