> 2010-02 February - Mary Belle Cordell

Mary Belle was recently selected by the National League of American Pen Women and the Bicentennial Commission to write the history of porcelain dinner ware in the White House in the book "Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln, a Commemorative Collage." Several of her porcelain art portraits appear in the book. This year is Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. The Lincoln Bicentennial Commission sought out government entities and forums to create educational programs that would illuminate the life of Abraham Lincoln. The book is written by selected women who are in art, letters and music and are professional members of the National League of American Pen Women. Recently this book received the Freedom Foundation Award for out standing Americanism. Mary Belle is very proud to be a part of this book and celebration of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Mary Belle Cordell is a certified porcelain artist teacher with the World Organization of China Painters. She has studied at the prestigious Penlad School of crafts and the Virginia Douglas School of Porcelain Art in North Carolina and with internationally known porcelain art teachers. She is presently on the staff of Boca Museum The Art School. Mary Belle is known primarily for floral and still life paintings. She is comfortable painting the smallest Limoges boxes or the largest murals on porcelain.Artist's statement: “I am a porcelain painter and risk taker willing to try new and exciting avenues of art. I have painted in many media including oil, watercolor and ceramic glazes on clay, which has been my passion until I began to paint on porcelain. When designing and painting large scale porcelain art, the world fades away from me as the creative process takes over. I have always felt a deep and abiding love for my art, which has been a constant in my life”.

Lee Tatem introduces Mary Belle Cordell
Mary Belle Cordell  presents her porcelain art work
Third and final layer painting
Second Layer Painting
First Layer Painting - Firing after each layer
Porcelain Paints
Porcelain Painted Tile
Porcelain Painted Tile
Porcelain Box
Porcelain Jewelery Box
Chapter of "Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln" with Mary Belle Cordell's work
From the book "Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln"
Porcelain Pendant and Necklace
Floral Porcelain Painting
Framed Porcelain Painting
Lemoge oxes