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  • IMG_2617
    Lee Tatem is a multi-talented artist. She is a Jeweler, Painter, Sculptor and a Designer. In this session, Lee creates jewelry with beach glass and silver wire.


  • Rev Jim Goldsmith Presents Guatamalan Art
    Rev Jim Goldsmith's project in Guatamala.


  • IMG_1859
    Lee Tatem will conduct a workshop. Lee says: "This will be a fun interactive workshop in which everyone can participate. Create your own card using multimedia materials. Cards and other materials will be supplied free of charge".

2014-01 Bonsai Artist Matthew Lang

  • LangMatthewBonsaiArtist
    Introduction to the January 2014 presentation by Lee Tatem at Our Art by the Sea Matthew was born and raised in South Florida.. He is a true Florida native and has been planting life since he was a child...Please visit The Plant Boat where you can see many of his creative plantings... Florida. Visit Matthew Lang at

2013-11 November - Janice Cohen - Polymer Clay

  • JaniceCohenPolymerClay
    Janice Cohen presents Polymer Clay Art at November 2013 Our Art by the Sea.

2013-10 October 16th Kevin Kichar - Artist

  • P1070825
    Kevin Kichar - Current Public Art Installations have allowed me to experience creating with clay and glass. The four mosaics for the Marshall Bridge Project each contain over 2,500 pieces of handmade tile.

2013-03 Gail Smith Piano Recital

  • Lee Tatem Introduces Gail Smith Pianist
    Gail Smith Piano Concert Recital for the members and guests of Our Art by the Sea on March 20, 2013 at the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Community Church - Sanctuary 4433 Bougainvillea Drive, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL. Video of several segments of Gail's performance can be found on - search for GailSmithPiano or go to EVENTS 2011-11 CONCERT RECITAL or visit


  • P1060625
    Tammy's rice paper batiks are done with watercolor paint and permanent ink on rice paper. The paintings are done by layering wax and paint done in a wax resist style of batik. Once satisfied with a painting, you gently crinkle the rice paper into a ball, pinching it in certain areas where you may want cracks to occur. The complete surface, as a final step, is covered with wax and then ironed to remove the wax. The resulting painting is similar to a stained glass window.

2013-01 January 2013 Wood Turning Duo Lee and Tom

  • P1060399
    Lee Sky and Tom Ilowiecki make valuable, high quality crafts in a presentation before a record audience at the Community Church on January 17, 2013 following introduction by organizer and artist, Lee Tatem

2012-09 Marcia Hirschy Mentors on Marketing

  • Put this exhibit at the Boca Beach House on your calendar
    Marcia Hirschy is a well know artist in South East Florida. Marcia qualified as an Art member of the National League of American Pen Women in 1998 and as a Letters member in 2005 and now is a board member. A charter member of XII VOICES, she holds memberships in and actively exhibits with the Coral Springs Art Guild, Gold Coast Watercolor Society, achieving signature status in 2006 and currently a board member, and the Palm Beach Watercolor Society. In 2006, she was appointed to the Cultural Arts Committee in the city of Pompano Beach. See Marcia's works at the Boca Beach House Oct-Dec.


  • IMG_6136
    Lee Tatem, Artist and Jewelry Maker presents some of her techniques and skills to the members of OurArtbytheSea during the April 2012 meeting. The workshop was well attended as the members had an opportunity to make their own creations as part of the presentation. Photos: Ed. Elizondo


  • Ernestine Maat Ray
    Ernestine Maat Ray - World traveler and weaver of fine tales of far away cultures and creative crafts that are the fabric of hundreds of unique African cultures and societies.


  • Lee Sky surrounded by OurartbytheSea members. And the winner is?
    LEE SKY and TOM ILOWEICKI present their work. Lee Sky turns a small wood goblet and Tom Iloweicki shows his hand made wood pendants and bracelets. They are joined by Gary Koenig who presented two Windsor style chairs that he made completely with hand tools.

2012-IN MEMORIAM - Artist Barbara Quackenbush

  • QuackenbushBarbRedAcrylicCollage
    Barbara Quackenbush, a professional artist who spent her summers in Harrisonburg, Virginia and winters in Fort Lauderdale. She exhibited locally and nationally and won numerous awards. Barbara made a presentation of her art to the Club in January 2011. She was an active member and a great supporter of OurArtbytheSea. Barbara will be missed.

2011-11 Gail Smith Piano Recital

  • Lee Tatem Introduces Gail Smith Pianist
    Gail Smith Piano Concert Recital for the members and guests of Our Art by the Sea on November 16, 2011 at the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Community Church - Sanctuary 4433 Bougainvillea Drive, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, FL. Video of several segments of Gail's performance can be found on - search for GailSmithPiano or go to EVENTS 2011-11 CONCERT RECITAL or visit

2011-10 October - John Bowen Illustrator, Painter

  • Pencil Sketch - the artist, John Bowen is on the right.
    About the Artist: John Bowen attended the School of Fine And Industrial Arts in Newark, New Jersey. His early experience includes eight years of drawing for the U.S. Air Force. Many of his drawings are displayed at the U.S.A.F. Academy in Colorado. John is a Signature Member of the Goldcoast Watercolor Society and the Florida Watercolor Society. His works have been showcased in national publications and displayed in public venues, museums and galleries.

2011-09 Romi Tarlamis - Promote Your Work

  • Card Making
    "CARD MAKING" Speaker: Romi Tarlamis

2011-04 April 2011 Sandy Hynds Watercolors

  • Final Product - Watercolor Painting
    Sandy Hynds took the meeting attendees through the detailed steps of painting with watercolors. It was a great learning experience for me - watching some blotches on taped piece of paper become transformed from a flat image to an image with depth and expression.

2011-03 Tammy Seymour Watercolors

  • P1110264
    Tammy Seymour presents: Color intrigues her, and creating interesting combinations of color on YUPO, a synthetic plastic paper, is a challenge and a delight, and will be the main subject of her presentation.

Lee Sky Presents Woodworking

  • Wood Cores from Palm seeds
    Lee Sky and Tom Ilowiecki present wood working - creating beautiful, small, valuable wood jewelery

2011-01 Barbara Quackenbush Watercolors Acrylics

  • Red
    Barbara B Quackenbush presented her works at the January 2011 Our Art by the Sea monthly meeting. Several of her works - collages in in Acrylic and Acrylic Watercolors are shown in this album. Her web site:

Arnies 80th Birthday Album

  • P1110085
    Beverly Regan invited friends, neighbors and fellow members of for an 80th Birthday bash for Arnie.

2010-12 December Holiday Dinner Party

  • Joy and Celebration
    Our Art by the Sea sends wishes all - Seasons Greetings and a Happy 2011.

2010-11 - Cambodian & Thai Art

  • Lee Tatem Introduces the S E Asia Art Photography Program
    Cambodia and Thailand have so much to offer in their architectural forms and shapes of ordinary working buildings to important temples that are graceful, colorful and artistic in ways that both pleases and puzzles the observer. .

2010-10 Rev Jim Goldsmith Presents Digital Art

  • Rev Jim Goldsmith
    Rev. Jim Goldsmith, Pastor of the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Community Church emphasis in photography is to capture the subject matter and concentrate on the composition and emotion coming from it.

Photo Albums

Board Members

  • Current Leadership -2015
    Beverly Regan, President Marion Elizondo, Secretary Eduardo Elizondo, Promotion Lee Tatem, ProgCo-Chair Fran Scheffler, Co-Chair David Kornbluh, WebMaster Joan Riedy, Treasurer
  • Board Members -2007-2008
    Arnie Regan, President Pat Morges, Vice President Marion Elizondo, Secretary Larry Insel, Treasurer David Kornbluh, Web Master


  • Committees of the Association
    Committees - Program Committee Fran Scheffler has agreed to serve as Chairperson and Lee Tatum, Donna Whiteside Sallee and Mary Belle Cordell have agreed to serve as members of the Program Committee. Web Site Support & Photography Lise Niel has been serving as a committee of one taking meeting photos, notes and posting them on the web site.


2010-03 March Meeting Eydi_Lampasona

  • Eydi Lampasona on decorating paper
    Lee Tatem and the members view EYDI LAMPASONA's , mixed media art at the March 2010 meeting of Ourartbythesea. To purchase Eydi's DVD, go to Eydi demonstrates mixed media collage, painting. She shows how to make some gorgeous papers and incorporate them into her mixed media collage. The principles and elements of design were discussed and examples shown. The program was a combination of fun and learning of some new art techniques.

2010-02 February - Mary Belle Cordell

  • P1070200
    Mary Belle was recently selected by the National League of American Pen Women and the Bicentennial Commission to write the history of porcelain dinner ware in the White House in the book "Happy Birthday Mr. Lincoln, a Commemorative Collage." Several of her porcelain art portraits appear in the book. This year is Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday. The Lincoln Bicentennial Commission sought out government entities and forums to create educational programs that would illuminate the life of Abraham Lincoln. The book is written by selected women who are in art, letters and music and are professional members of the National League of American Pen Women. Recently this book received the Freedom Foundation Award for out standing Americanism. Mary Belle is very proud to be a part of this book and celebration of Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Mary Belle Cordell is a certified porcelain artist teacher with the World Organization of China Painters. She has studied at the prestigious Penlad School of crafts and the Virginia Douglas School of Porcelain Art in North Carolina and with internationally known porcelain art teachers. She is presently on the staff of Boca Museum The Art School. Mary Belle is known primarily for floral and still life paintings. She is comfortable painting the smallest Limoges boxes or the largest murals on porcelain.Artist's statement: “I am a porcelain painter and risk taker willing to try new and exciting avenues of art. I have painted in many media including oil, watercolor and ceramic glazes on clay, which has been my passion until I began to paint on porcelain. When designing and painting large scale porcelain art, the world fades away from me as the creative process takes over. I have always felt a deep and abiding love for my art, which has been a constant in my life”.

2009-01 Donna Whiteside Sallee

  • DSC00113
    Donna Whiteside Sallee presents her love of restoring new life in old furniture. Donna shops around for unique pieces that have been cast-off as no longer usefull. Donna revealed her secret methods for applying colors, designs and finishes to these formerly rejected pieces, turning them into a treasure.

2009-12 December Anne Kolb Nature Center Art Show

  • P1030132
    THE SHOW IS OPEN - Our Art-by-the-Sea Association is holding an art show and sale beginning Saturday, December 5 through Saturday, January 2, 2010 at the Anne Kolb Nature Center in Hollywood with a "Meet the Artists" reception on December 11th from 5 - 7Pm at the Nature Center - bring your friends. Local artists, who are members of the Association, are exhibiting their works. They include: paintings, mixed media, photography and crafts. The show is viewable during Center hours and admission is free. The Center is open daily, except Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 9 AM to 5 PM. Our Art-by-the-Sea a not-for-profit corporation was founded in 2007 by a group of artists and art lovers in the local area. Current membership includes 21 artists. Marion Elizondo, Secretary, at 954-785-7408> Samples of works at the show can be seen by clicking on the Gallery link.

2008-11 Meeting -Romana Talamis

  • Showing Artist Work
    Romana Tlamis demonstrates Fantasy Faux Marbles

2009-10 Art Show Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

  • Art Association Cups for Sale
    Artists and association members in the Our Art by the Sea booth - Lauderdale-by-the=Sea, Florida October 31-November 1st 2009 - to Join as either an artist or a member-supporter, send an e-mail to:

2008-09 September Art Show Opening Reception

  • CIMG0537
    November 1, Members Art Show and Sale at the Light House Point Public Library

2008-09 Lee Sky Sept. 10 Presentation

  • End of a wonderful presentation
    Lee Sky is an expert wood turner. Woodturning is the spinning of a wood blank on a lathe while shaping it with a variety of chisels. Lee's work is currently being displayed at Studio 19 Fine Art in Fort Lauderdale, Floria. Photos and Web Posting by Lise Niel

2008-08 Ruth Gilbert June 10th Presentation

  • Ruth Gilbert - The featured speaker, Ruth Gilbert, who spoke and demonstrated her work on "The Role of Art in a Stress Reduction Program". Ruth is a multi-talented individual from New York City who has created and exhibited fiber wall hangings, and has presented programs in dance therapy and personal stress reduction.

2008-03 March 2008 Art Show Reception

  • Img_4919_jpg
    March 10 - April 11th Premier Art Show and Sale got a huge send off on the pre-opening celebration by the board, Artists and Members of the Our Art by the Sea Association on the evening of March 10th, 2008 at the Broward County Galt Ocean Mile Public Library. And the prize winners were.... Painting 1st Place - "Storm Coming Up" by Gisele Haselbarth 2nd Place - "Fandango" by Barbara Quackenbush Mixed Media 1st Place - "Awakening" by Romi Tarlamis 2nd Place - "Don't Let Barnacles Grow On Your Soul" by Sharon Huff Pastels 1st Place - "Red Pepper" by Lily Elasmar Photography 1st Place - "Hurricane Behind the Gate" by Maria Saenz Briones 2nd Place - "Old City" by Maria Saenz Briones

2008-02 Lee Tatum Jewelry Making - February

  • Cimg0247
    Lee Tatum educated the association members present for the February meeting with a presentation, "Jewelery Making 101". Lee covered the history of her work and how her interest in this work evolved over the years to a combination of designing, creating and teaching.

2008-01 Daniel Regan Photographer presents

  • Cimg0237
    Daniel Regan presented his life's work from Film Photography to Digial Photo Art.

2007-11November Meeting Geo Gilbert Photos

  • November 13 2007 Meeting Photos
    George Gilbert, Photographer and Photo Historian related the history of Photography, his work as a Photo Journalist and how he was involved in mapping the WWII Pacific and European war theater. George was assisted by his wife, Ruth Gilbert.

2007-10 Lenore Nolan-Ryan Meeting

  • Carving_a_melon
    The prentation of Food as Art was delivered by Lenore Nolan-Ryan and her Chef Marc Debas at the October meeting

2007-09 September 11 Meeting

  • Sharon_huff_with_collected_litter_and_ar
    Click here to go back to Home. "Garbage to Art" and "Recycling Counts" were the two related presentations at the September 11th Meeting of Our-art-by-the-sea Association. Presenting:

2007-10 Visit Grace's Cafe & Gallery

  • The Field Trip to a Gallery took place on October 15th, 2007. The Association members met at Grace's Cafe and Gallery located in the center of Davie at 49 Federal Highway (US-1) just north of Stirling Road. Lunch was served and the several demonstrations followed by two Haitian Artists and a Stained Glass Artist.

2007-07 1st Meeting Our-Art-By-The-Sea

  • Dscn9719
    Dr Arnold Regan introduces Romi Tarlamis, local Faux decorator, muralist and painter who demonstrated her work and style at the end of the 1st meeting of Our-Art-By-The-Sea Association. Photos by David Kornbluh
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November 11, 2007


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OurArtbytheSea Connections



  • Barbara Quackenbush
    Barbara Quackenbush was a Painter and her piece, Fandango took 2nd place in the March -April Premier Art Show in Fort Lauderdale. Barbara was a great supporter and was an inspiration to may local artists.
  • Dr Arnold "Arnie" Regan
    Arnie was the organizer and driving force behind the founding of Our Art by the Sea. Arnie was in addition to a retired Podiatrist, an actor, singer and a great chef. He was an active member in the Community Performing Arts Center.

2008-03 Alonzo H. Jackson - Judging Art Show

  • Img_4878
    On March 8th, 2008 Alonzo H. Jackson Judged the First Our-Art-by-the-Sea Show. Mr. Jackson has a BS degree in Art Education from Florida A&M University and a Master of Education degree from the University of Miami. He also has completed additional studies in Art Education and Educational Administration at Pennsylvania State University, Florida International University, Barry University, Florida Memorial University and Miami-Dade Community College. Mr. Jackson has been a fine art teacher for 37 years in the Miami-Dade County public schools.

Broward Center Updates - Local Video

Board Members

  • Current Leadership -2015
    Beverly Regan, President Marion Elizondo, Secretary Eduardo Elizondo, Promotion Lee Tatem, ProgCo-Chair Fran Scheffler, Co-Chair David Kornbluh, WebMaster Joan Riedy, Treasurer
  • Board Members -2007-2008
    Arnie Regan, President Pat Morges, Vice President Marion Elizondo, Secretary Larry Insel, Treasurer David Kornbluh, Web Master