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Our-Art-By-The-Sea An Association was founded in 2007 by Arnold Regan, MD, Marion Elizondo, Secty, Larry Insel, Dick Dryden, Manny Mendez and David Kornbluh. The Association's objective; to promote the arts and culture along the seaside in Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties of South Florida.

2008-2009 Board:
Dr Arnold Regan, President
Larry Insel, Treasurer
Marion Elizondo, Secretary
Pat Mourges, Board Member
Maria Saenz Briones, Board Member
David Kornbluh, WebMaster
Fran Scheffler, Chair, Program Committee.


music, dance, textiles, glass, photography, painting, fabric, graphic arts, metal, art; ceramics, pottery and plastic. find us at or or or